Safety Tips                                                 

With other energy sources like natural gas and electricity, it is very important to respect, understand, and know how to manage them. Same rules apply to Propane. You need to learn and keep in mind the safety rules when being around propane, propane equipment and handling appliances that contain it.

When Operating
Fully read and follow the lighting and operating instructions on the warning labels provided by the appliance manufacturer.The pilot contains a safety device. If you have trouble keeping that light on, this device is warning you about a problem arising or already present. Call a service technician for assistance.Never tamper with the controls; appliance controls are not to be ever forced. If you cannot operate the switches, knobs or buttons by hand, call your supplier.

Detecting Gas Leaks

Stay in alert for the odor of propane when you’re around a gas container or appliance. A disagreeable odor is added to the propane when there is a gas leak occurring. If you smell gas, do not try to light the appliance. Call your propane supplier.


1. DO NOT use a phone close to the area (use neighbor’s), light matches, or turn off/on electrical switches.
2. If the leak seems to come from a cylinder, immediately remove the cylinder and get everyone around you out of the vehicle, building, or area.
3. Close all cylinder supply valves or gas tanks.
4. The smell of gas tends to go away, but DO NOT turn the gas on again.
5. Have the gas service technicians repair the leak, then recheck and reset all of your gas appliances.
When used properly, propane is a safe, economical, environmentally friendly, clean-burning, and versatile fuel.
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